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About Me

My dream is to share stories that leave a positive impact. I find inspiration in any corner of history, mythology, gaming, theater, technology, art, or literature that I can. Nuance, diligence, and intuition are my weapons of choice while exploring these far realms of innovative storytelling. 

While at Florida State University, I fell in love with arts and literature research. I completed two honors theses, one in Creative Fiction and one in Practical Performance Research (a short stories series, The Last Seven, and Non-Lingual Rehearsal: A Study in Human Communication respectively).

After graduation, I continued to explore storytelling through original immersive productions in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I battled Beowulf in the historic Fort Mason Chapel and kicked up sand for the Capulet Ball at the Rancho Petaluma Adobe (We Players). I time traveled with the Simpsons in Mr. Burns: a Post-Apocalyptic Play (Sacred Fools).

As my writing took off, I found myself exploring the worlds of themed-immersive entertainment, TTRPGs, choose-your-own-adventure novels, comic books, and more! I’ve curated original concepts and content for graphic novels, stunt shows, TTRPG games, theme parks, cruise ships, theater shows, pop-ups, and even casinos.

My debut graphic novel was released this year! I wrote an original short story prequel for the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie. It was published by IDW in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast. Read about it HERE

My current endeavors include writing a second graphic novel (announcement imminent!), writing a paranormal murder mystery called Cryptid P.I., producing a map making stream called Map Maven (VOD HERE), and working as a editorial coordinator with IDW Publishing.

My latest projects

Past Projects and Partners

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